About Brittany

Hi friend!


I am SO freaking excited you are here!


A few things to know about me.......I looove to laugh and can get down with some goofiness! I absolutely love when people are shamelessly and unapologetically themselves. 

I live for anything that creates that childlike excitement we all know and love and I savor every authentic and magical moment I can.

I guess you can say I’m a little “artsy fartsy”. I’ve taken art classes since I was 5. My grandma, who was also my best friend, was a stunning landscape painter and I’d like to say I carry the artsy gene in my blood. I have tried almost every medium out there, photography is by FAR my favorite artistic outlet! When I take pictures, I have a vision. I would definitely say my style is a combination of some fine art (going for those rad visuals) and the raw, candid, in between moments that take your breath away. You know, those moments where you can just see your personality shine through or how truly happy you were in that moment?


Growing up, photos were extremely important to me because I knew my memory was faulty. Every time I looked at a picture I had taken in the past, it brought my memory right back and all the feelings I had in that moment. I can feel things through pictures and that is honestly one of the most beautiful things I have experienced in this life.


I want to capture these moments for you! I’m all about getting amazing, gorgeous, stunning photos that will allow you to travel back in time. Years from now, when you look at your photos you will reminisce and feel all the feelings you experienced on that day, in that moment, because that’s what it’s really all about!

Contact me

Phone: 208-770-9228

Email: brittanykphotography94@gmail.com