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"The Mountains Are Calling

And I Must Go..."

Hi friend!

I am so freaking excited you are here!!

I'm Brittany, or as my friends like to say, "Britt-NAAAAAY". I'm an aspiring destination wedding and adventure elopement photographer based out of the BREATH TAKING Coeur d'Alene, Idaho! I am here to be your hype woman, your personal photojournalist and extremely profeshhh third wheel for all you lovers out there! I love to capture REAL connection between people + those joyous moments we all hold so dear to our hearts. 

I also get down with some lifestyle portraits, capturing those joyous and momentous moments for families, seniors, mamas to be and helping you celebrate and remember wherever you are at in life right now!


A few things to know about me:

-First things first, you can literally hear my laugh like a mile away, no joke! I was voted Most Contagious Laugh in high school hahh

-I'm the girl who blasts music in the car WAAAY too loud and subsequently watches every show and movie with subtitles because I swear I'm already going deaf at 27 LOL (don't tell my grandparents they were right)

-I'm practically a nomad, I am constantly on the go and loooove traveling and exploring new places!

-In the summers, you can find me at the lake (my grandma always called me a fish growing up), hiking for those sweet viewsss, taking late night drives for optimal stargazing opportunities and probably sipping' a White Claw with my friends, yeah I'm that girl!

-I have a Psychology degree and genuinely find so much joy in serving people, in making them smile, in encouraging them and just celebrating life with them! It was honestly a tie between becoming a photographer and a therapist for a long time! 

-And above all, I looove Jesus! His heart, His grace, His love. I seek His ways in everything I do and trust Him 100% even when my feelings tell me otherwise. Everything I do in my life and my business is to glorify Him.

Take a look around!




Brittany is an elopement, wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer based out of Coeur d'Alene, ID with a passion for photographing couples who live for adventure!

find your way around friend

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