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"The Mountains Are Calling

And I Must Go..."

Hi friend!

I am so freaking excited you are here!!

I'm Brittany, or as my friends like to say, "Britt-NAAAAAY".

I'm a portrait + wedding photographer based out of the BREATH TAKING Coeur d'Alene, Idaho! I am here to be your hype woman, your personal photojournalist and extremely profeshhh third wheel for all you lovers out there!

I love to capture REAL connection between people + those joyous moments we all hold so dear to our hearts. 

I love nature + incorporating that into my work. We live in such a beautiful area and it is a part of us. It is where we come from, part of who we are + what we love to do. I believe showcasing that in our photos also tells our story!


Fun facts about me:

-I just got married myself last summer in July of 2022! I planned my wedding in 3 months. My best friend, that I learned photography with about 12 years ago, took my wedding photos + that was so special to me!


-You can literally hear my laugh like a mile away, no joke! I was voted Most Contagious Laugh in high school hahh

-I'm the girl who blasts music in the car WAAAY too loud and subsequently watches every show and movie with subtitles because I swear I'm already going deaf at 29 LOL (don't tell my grandparents they were right)

-In the summers, you can find me at the lake (my grandma always called me a fish growing up), hiking for those sweet viewsss, taking late night drives for optimal stargazing opportunities and probably sipping' a White Claw with my friends, yeah I'm that girl!

-I have a Psychology degree and genuinely find so much joy in serving people, in making them smile, in encouraging them and just celebrating life with them! It was honestly a tie between becoming a photographer and a therapist for a long time! 

-And above all, I looove Jesus! His heart, His grace, His love. I seek His ways in everything I do and trust Him 100% even when my feelings tell me otherwise. Everything I do in my life and my business is to glorify Him.

Take a look around!




Brittany is an elopement, wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer based out of Coeur d'Alene, ID with a passion for photographing couples who live for adventure!

find your way around friend

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