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Tips for Great Wedding Photos

There are so many things to consider when planning your wedding, and ensuring you get great wedding photos is high on this list for most couples. Wedding photography is a big investment! Often it’s one of the largest expenses on your wedding day, and there are some important things you can do to help make sure you get photos you love when you say ‘I do’. Keep reading for my top tips for great wedding photos.

Think about lighting

You’ve likely heard how important lighting is to get great photos. But how do you make sure that you have great lighting for your wedding? First, make sure you are planning these things out with your photographer. We’ll talk more about this in a minute, but your photographer is going to know what it takes to get good light in any situation.

Second, make sure you are looking at areas with even lighting. This means avoiding spots with lots of dappled or partially shaded light for spots that will be important for photos. Ceremony locations that are in full shadow coverage are optimal for bright days. Make sure that the sun will be to your back during the ceremony so you aren’t competing with shadows in photos. Think about the lighting in your getting ready area, and choose locations with lots of windows and natural light.

This point could really be its own blog post, or even book! Which makes the next point incredibly important…

Pre-plan with your photographer

Your photographer is the expert in all things wedding photos. It’s so important that I am able to spend ample time talking with my clients about their vision for their wedding day, and planning out how to achieve that. I can help you identify the right time for your ceremony, when we should do couple’s portraits, how to plan for flat lays and more. The more we plan together, the more perfect I can make that final gallery for you.

Having the bank of knowledge about weddings that I do, I can give you answers and solutions way faster than you would be able to find them yourself. Use me as a resource to make the documentation of your wedding day absolutely perfect.

Book an engagement session

I love engagement sessions for so many reasons, but this one ranks pretty high: couples who book engagement sessions get better wedding photos. Most couples aren’t used to being in front of the camera, especially in a cozy or intimate way. Getting a chance to learn how to be comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day means you will be that much more relaxed on the day of.

Additionally, engagement sessions give me a great opportunity to get to know you as a couple. Everyone is different, and requires an approach unique to them. I love having insight into that before you say ‘I do’, so I can come in prepared.

Talk about the photos you really want

This goes back to pre-planning with your photographer. I can’t take the photos I don’t know you want. If there are specific poses, details, or people you want photos of, make sure you tell me. It’s your day, I’m here to get the images you want. Don’t be afraid to tell me exactly what those are.

Be open to creative posing and direction

Let’s get weird! Every photographer finds themselves telling couples, “Ok, so this is going to sound weird but…”, and I’m no exception. Sometimes those prompts or poses that feel really silly or strange get the most stunning photos. Be open to doing things outside of the box, but still inside your comfort zone. Trust that I have your best interest at heart. I want to give you amazing memories to last a lifetime, and sometimes that involves things that feel a little goofy. You look great, I promise.

Forget that I’m even there

The goal during any couples session, wedding or otherwise, is that it looks like you forgot there was even someone with a camera there. Don’t worry about looking straight to camera. We aren’t here to get photos with cheesy grins and arms around shoulders. I want to capture your real, raw love on your wedding day. That is a lot easier to do when you are focused on getting lost in your new spouse, and not so worried about me.

Ultimately, great wedding photos come down to planning, being open to creativity, and working with a photographer you trust. That last one is extra important, because a great photographer is going to help you plan, and make you feel really comfortable being creative and having fun. I’d love to be the person you trust to help document your day. Ready to chat? Me too! Click here to send me a message, and here to learn more about my services. I can’t wait to get the great wedding photos you’ve been dreaming of.

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