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Engagement Session Wardrobe - What to wear for your spring engagement session

I get so many questions from couples about their engagement session wardrobe. Your engagement photos are an investment, and you want to look your best and feel comfortable in them for years to come. Here are my tips to help make planning your outfits easier, and have you feeling great in front of the camera.

Start with Basics

You don’t have to come to your engagement session in full formal wear. In fact, for most couples, I would recommend more casual wear! Start planning your outfits around basic items you feel great in. Think neutral colored tees, a simple maxi dress, a great fitting jacket that you can move well in. These basic items are going to be a great place to build your outfits from, and not detract from your beautiful faces.

Choose a Color Palette

Long gone are the days of matchy-matchy engagement sessions. Instead, choose a color palette for your outfits! If you already know what your wedding colors are going to be, that can be a great place to start. Light colors are also always great for spring, as well as golds and soft metallics that play with all the lovely colors of nature in bloom. Think about the colors in the area where you will have your session as well. Choosing colors that will play off of what is there, without looking crazy. The couple featured above did an amazing job of this. They fit right in with the environment, without blending in too much.

This tip is great for any session, any time of year, but leave neon and really bright colors out of your wardrobe. There are some exceptions to this rule for sessions that are very stylized, but for engagement sessions in natural settings, it’s good to just leave them out of the list.

Consider the Weather

When we’re planning your engagement session in northwestern Idaho, we can’t forget that things can get cold quick. Snow is always on the back of my mind in March and April. A cotton, floral, mini dress is a risk, as cute as it may be. It’s for this reason that I always encourage couples to bring layers. Wear the dress, and bring fleece lined tights and a cute jacket to throw on if the snow does hit while we’re playing up in the mountains. You’ll stay warm and get a more diverse range of looks in your gallery!

Dress for Comfort

You’re going to be moving a lot during your engagement session! Choosing an engagement session wardrobe that allows for freedom of movement is super important. So with this in mind, consider where we are hosting your session, and what is comfortable to wear in that place. For example, heels on a hiking adventure session are a recipe for disaster, my friend. But those custom Chacos might be a total vibe.

Additionally, make sure you are not wearing something for the first time at your session! This is especially important for really fitted items like jeans. You don’t want to find out they don’t stay up when you’re trying to focus on having fun with your fiancé.

What Not to Wear

Now let’s touch real quick on the things that I tell all my clients to leave at home when planning their engagement session wardrobe. If it’s got graphics or writing, it’s not for picture day. This includes logos, I say with a hard side eye at all my Carhartt wearing dudes out there. Logos and graphics are hugely distracting and make a clean, beautiful photo, a lot less clean and beautiful.

This is another one that’s going to be hard for the guys, but baseball caps. Don’t wear them! They create a really dark shadow over your face, and make it difficult to get close to your fiancé. I know it is so difficult to leave at home, so I’ve got a compromise. If you just can’t bring yourself to leave it at home, bring it with you, but don’t put it on before your session. We can get a few photos at the end with your beloved hat, and not worry about crazy hair or lines on your forehead.

Spring engagement session wardrobes are easy to make fun and playful! I love seeing how creative my couples get with their outfits. I hope these tips have made planning your outfits a bit easier for your upcoming session. Still struggling to pick between items? Get in touch here! I’m here to help you look, and feel great in front of my camera.

Don’t have your engagement session with me scheduled yet? Let’s fix that! Click here to learn all about my services and how to book your session.

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