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Planning a Spring Wedding: How to Prepare

Spring in Northern Idaho is unpredictable. A sunny day can switch to rainy in a moment and vice versa. One day it’ll be in the 60’s, and the next we’ll wake up to snow on the ground! While the crazy, ever changing weather can make for a gorgeous and moody wedding day, there are some things to consider when planning a spring wedding. Don’t get caught in the rain, literally. Here’s what you need to know so a stray cloud doesn’t ruin your day.

What will the weather be like?

Spring in our area can feel a lot like ‘lite winter’ sometimes. With daily temperatures between 30 and 70 degrees, it can be a little difficult to know what to prepare for. Additionally, there is about a 30% chance of rain on any given spring day as well. Don’t forget to watch for snow either, because it might be coming for you. Now, I don’t bring these things up to scare you out of planning a spring wedding. Instead, let’s make sure you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare for it.

Consider an indoor/outdoor venue

The single greatest protection against getting drenched or chilled to the bone at your spring wedding is to choose a venue with indoor and outdoor options. This way, even if it starts to rain, or snow during your ceremony, everyone can head inside and get warm for the reception. If the weather is especially dismal, you can move the ceremony indoors too. Just because you move things inside doesn’t mean you can’t get the outdoor portraits you’ve been dreaming about. With even a few minutes break in the rain, I will steal you away for photos among the foliage.

Book tents way ahead of time

If you choose to go with a venue that doesn’t have indoor space, having a back-up cover option is incredibly important. Have tents reserved to cover your reception space well in advance. If it looks like rain the week before the wedding, you’ll find every tent for miles has been rented out. Don’t fall victim to last minute planning. When planning a spring wedding, it’s better to have them reserved and ready, and not need them, than need them and not have them. Click here for a local tent supplier and get yours booked today.

Plan to wear layers

With the cool temperatures we know to expect in spring, plan layers into your wedding day wardrobe. Think of this as a really fun opportunity to expand your looks for the day! From flannels, to capes, to crochet cardigans, the options are endless. Brave the cool for your ceremony, but make sure you have options to keep warm afterwards.

Remember what its about

At the end of the day, as long as you get married, that’s what matters. Even if there is a torrential downpour followed by sleet during your ceremony, if you say ‘I do’, the rest is just extra. It can hard to remember what’s really important when in the midst of planning a spring wedding, or any wedding. But the only thing that really matters is celebrating the love between you and your new spouse.

Weather in any season is unpredictable. Knowing what could come your way is the first step to being prepared for it. Spring weddings can bring so much beauty along with the potential for rain for snow, and are totally worth planning. Ready to talk about having me document your spring wedding? Click here to learn more about my services and here to get in touch. I can’t wait to help make your day perfect, no matter the weather.

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