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Brittany K Photo - PNW Elopement Photographer

What is elopement photography, and how does it differ from traditional wedding photography? With the boom in elopements, and elopement photographers over the last couple years, it’s no wonder that so many people are asking these questions. So let’s talk about it! This PNW elopement photographer is stoked to tell you all about what it means, and how it could be right for you.

What's the difference?

At a glance, it might seem like wedding and elopement photography are the same thing. In some ways they are. With both you’re going to get ceremony photos, reception and detail photos, and formal photos with any guests you would like them with. The differences come largely in the approach, and the results.

To understand the difference between wedding and elopement photography, we have to think about the differences between an elopement and a wedding. A big traditional wedding has a lot more to focus on. There are more things to capture, so it’s likely that your photos are going to cover the day a little more broadly. There is likely to be a little bit less time spent on each particular aspect that a photographer is trying to capture.

With an elopement, things are moving slower. You as the couple get to spend a lot more time choosing exactly how and where your photographer focuses their time. Are portraits way important for you? Then let’s spend half the day doing just that. Is it really important that every little detail has its own time to shine? When you elope, you give me the time to focus on that for you! With less people, and less going on, everything gets to be even more intentional.

The Modern Elopement

Elopements aren’t just running off to Vegas anymore! It doesn’t have to be a shotgun wedding with a baby on the way. Most couples eloping these days are doing it because they don’t want the hassle of a big wedding. They don’t want to spend two years working towards one singular day where a million things can go wrong. They want intimacy, and the ability to focus on the things that are most important to them.

Nowadays, elopements are creative, interactive, and adventurous! When you plan a wedding with fewer people you have an awesome opportunity to take everyone you want to do the things you love. Maybe you love snowboarding, and want to get strapped in and slam down a hill after you say your vows. Love the idea of rowing out to the middle of a lake to get married? Couples eloping right now are doing these things! The options are endless, and significantly more feasible if you are inviting 5-15 people, versus 100-200.

What are Adventure Elopements?

Adventure elopement has been a huge buzz word over the last couple years. If you don't know what that means, it's exactly what it sounds like: going on an adventure to elope. These are the elopements that really make my heart sing. Adventure elopements can mean anything from a full weekend of backpacking, to a lakeside cabin retreat, or even repelling down a cliffside. They really embrace the outdoors, and all of the beauty that we have in the PNW.

Adventure elopements can go anywhere too! Whether you are dreaming of saying your vows in Yosemite, or in a timber stand you find on a hike, an adventure elopement can take you there. Create the day and moments that you want to when you decide on an adventure elopement. I'm always just a plane ride away from documenting your day.

My Approach to Elopement Photography

Let’s talk about why I love being a PNW elopement photographer. There’s been a boom in elopements for a reason: they're more personal. Think about it, a three hundred person event that lasts 12 hours with vendors running in every direction, and a strict timeline, versus a slow weekend with your closest friends and family. The schedule can change, simply because you want to spend more time in the hot tub, and push your vows back an hour. Decide you want to order breakfast for everyone and get to your vows when the time is right? You got it. Elopements are more flexible than traditional weddings. I love getting to lean into that flexibility with you and create a day that is magical and fun for everyone involved.

My favorite part of any wedding day is the opportunity to facilitate, witness, and capture the emotion and connectedness between you and your partner. Elopements tend to naturally have more of this connection, and I get so excited to capture them.

As a PNW elopement photographer, I have witnessed the difference in weddings and elopements first hand. What pulls me more toward elopements every year is the way I get to see couples really connect and explore their love for each other on their wedding day. An elopement allows you to spend the whole day just focused on your partner. There’s no time spent doing things you feel obligated to do. Instead, you get to focus on what you want to do.

I am honored every time a couple chooses me to document their day. It’s a big responsibility that I take very seriously. You are handing me your trust to memorialize your elopement forever. I always want to do your day, your relationship, your love, justice. Are you planning your elopement? I’d love to chat and help you have your most perfect wedding day. Get in touch here.

Check out more of my work in the gallery below!


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